Food & Covid 19

CDC has a new webpage, Food and Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Coronaviruses, like the one that causes COVID-19, are thought to spread mostly person to person through respiratory droplets when someone coughs, sneezes, or talks. Though there is currently no evidence to suggest that handling or eating food is associated with COVID-19, the webpage provides helpful information on commonly asked questions about handling food packages; tips for safely shopping for groceries and buying meat in bulk; and tips on maintaining good nutrition even if your eating or grocery-shopping habits have changed.

Rural Health Report 2020

Disparities are common for rural residents in all areas of life, including all things health related from birth to death.

The National Grange recently prepared the Rural Health Report 2020 that gives a thorough review pre-COVID, during COVID and just how hard we could fall after the pandemic is over.

The report highlights systematic issue of rural health disparities, how telehealth remains unreliable for a disconnected rural public and how Granges in rural communities are stepping up.

Rural Health Report 2020

New Sign Tagged

Sigh!!! Our new sign at the cemetery was spray painted likely Friday evening May 22. The person who did this was really mean, as Memorial Day Weekend is the busiest time of the year for visitors. If you have any information about who defaced the sign—please let us know?

Who is Izzy?

Futurewise seeks board members.


Hello, my name is Ginger Wireman.  I’m on the board of the statewide organization Futurewise.  We are the group that brought the Growth Management Act to WA to prevent urban sprawl and protect farms and forests.  In the last several years we’ve added affordable housing and transportation to our focus because they are directly related to sprawl, habitat loss, and climate concerns. 

Futurewise is 30 years old and we are working to build a board that is both culturally and regionally diverse.  

We have no representation from SW Washington. I spoke to the WSU Extension Chair in Clark Co. a while ago and he suggested reaching out to Granges. 

I recieve the WSU Magazine and know your Grange Master Mr. Novoselic has done projects related to conservation and wonder if there are others who have a similar conservation bent in your group (recognizing he is probably already very busy)!

If you can think of anyone in your Grange or another in your region, please feel free to share this inquiry.  

Thank you so much and stay safe!  

Ginger Wireman 509-518-9377

Cemetery Sign

Grays River Grange Cemetery
Established 1914

Family care and maintenance of grave sites is encouraged. This includes removal of real or artificial flowers. Do not use glass vases / ornaments. Items on grave sties may be removed in the course of mowing and maintenance.

Report any suspicious activity.

This non-profit cemetery is a project of Grays River Grange #124. We are a volunteer community group. Help Us Maintain this Beautiful, Serene Space with your financial support.

Checks can be mailed to:
Grays River Grange #124
PO Box 124
Grays River, WA

Contact Information:
Tele: 360-465-2268
Email: grange -at-


Even though Grays River Grange is not meeting regularly, Grangers are still busy with community service projects. Our current project, for the sewers amongst us, is making washable masks.  Wearing masks is now recommended for everyone when you do have to leave home. Wearing masks is not only to protect ourselves but to protect others in our community. These masks are available for community members by contacting Grays River Grange at or 465-2268 or ask any Grange member. We do remind everyone that staying home is the best defense against the virus. The Grange would also like to express our appreciation for all those essential workers that are keeping us healthy, safe, and fed.

Be Safe – Stay Home – Wear A Mask