State Grange Convention Aerial Photography

This June the Washington State Grange held its 126th Annual Convention in Ellensburg, WA. Grays River Grange #124 sent Worthy Master Krist Novoselic as delegate, with Sol Mertz as alternate; they flew to attend. With Master Novoselic as pilot and Gatekeeper Sol as photographer, they brought back the following photos of the flight.aerialphoto.a.1 aerialphoto.a.2 aerialphoto.a.3 aerialphoto.a.4 aerialphoto.a.5 aerialphoto.a.6 aerialphoto.a.7 aerialphoto.a.8 aerialphoto.a.9 aerialphoto.a.10 aerialphoto.a.11 aerialphoto.a.12 aerialphoto.a.13 aerialphoto.a.14 aerialphoto.a.15

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