Beekeeping Class at our Grange

Your First Year – A Beekeeping Course for Beginners

Are you curious about honey bees?  Would you like to learn more about bees, how to raise them, and how to keep them fat and happy?  Join Julie Tennis on December 2nd for a free introductory session to kick off her year-long course.

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The introductory session will cover the following topics:

·         Is Beekeeping Right for You?

·         Why Keep Honey Bees?

·         and an overview of the year-long course.

Location:  Gray’s River Grange, Grays River, WA 98621

Date and Time:  Wednesday, December 2nd, 7-8:30pm

For More Information:  Julie Tennis, 360-214-1652

The full course will begin January 6 and meet the first Wednesday of every month through December 7, 2016.  Each session includes an hour-long lecture and a half-hour for Q&A.  Cost for the full course is $75.  Individual sessions are $7/session.  The session topics are:

·         January – A Brief History of Beekeeping:  including strains of honey bee and where/how to acquire your first colony

·         February – Equipment:  hive parts, gear and tools (Note:  focus will be on Langstroth hives; other hive systems will be mentioned but not covered in detail.)

·         March – Honey Bee Biology:  queen, worker, drone, from egg to bee, and roles in the colony

·         April – Setting Up Your Apiary:  where to place your hive and how to introduce new bees

·         May – Botany and Pollination:  what bees eat and how that is important for us all

·         June – Swarms:  what they are, how to avoid them, what to do when they happen

·         July – Hive Inspections:  how to keep an eye on the health of your colonies

·         August – Pests and Pathogens:  what can hurt your bees and how to manage your colonies to avoid losses (Note:  Julie is a treatment-free beekeeper and will not be discussing chemical treatments against pests and pathogens.)

·         September – Honey:  what it is and how to process it for human consumption

·         October – Wax:  what it is and how to process it, how to make candles and salves

·         November – Winter Caretaking:  feeding your bees and keeping them out of harm’s way

·         December – Next Steps:  discussing what happens after your first year



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  1. Basic beekeeping information on how to get started with bees, use of equipment and what to expect in your first year. Get answers to your questions. A must have class if you are interested in keeping bees.

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