Commercial Fishing Processing and Marketing Workshop

From the Wahkiakum County Eagle:

“According to Carrie Backman, Director, Washington State University Wahkiakum County Extension, Wahkiakum County Marine Resources Committee (MRC) has new funding through the state legislature as part of the Washington Coast Restoration Initiative to help local fishermen with value added processing and marketing.

This funding will allow new access to ice and processing tools, as well as workshops on processing and marketing. The MRC is seeking commercial fishermen to guide next steps, including design and location of ice and processing facilities, as well as selection of workshop topics.

There will be a meeting Wednesday, May 4 at the Grays River Grange at 6 p.m., for commercial fishermen interested in working with the MRC on these next steps. All commercial fishermen are invited to attend.”

County Shoreline Master Program Update

Our County has been in the process of updating the Wahkiakum Shoreline Master Program, and we encourage agricultural, fishing and tourist industry folks to stay involved, provide input and guidance,  and find out how this law may affect your community.

Follow this link to the County documents

Wahkiakum Shoreline Master Program

From the Final Draft SMP:

“Public  participation  is  important  because it ensures  that  local  knowledge  and  values  form  a basis  for  SMP  policies  and  regulations.  The  Shoreline  Master  Program  public  participation process is ongoing.  A public participation plan completed in the early stages of the SMP update process guides public participation opportunities during the SMP update.”

“Public hearings for formal consideration by Town and County Planning Commissions and adoption by legislative bodies are anticipated in spring 2016.

Wahkiakum County’s and Town of Cathlamet’s home internet pages provide links to SMP planning documents, to notices of public meetings and meeting materials. Public meetings are also advertised in the Wahkiakum County Eagle.”

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