Notes From the Edge of the Known World

theascanNovoselic plays guitar to Pyle’s words.

At any given moment, everything we can imagine is happening somewhere in Nature, and something amazing is going on everywhere at once. Our guitar-poem explores that perpetual cycle, that everlasting, ever-loving ferment of creature and leaf, time and flow, life and death, rot and rebirth. We like to fool ourselves that earth’s whole show is about us, when we are the least part of it. But we are–never forget– part of it.

Krist Novoselic makes music and grows potatoes, goats, and chickens on an old rainforest farm. Now Master of Grays River Grange, he was co-founder and bassist of Nirvana. Bob Pyle, Grange Lecturer, writes poetry, essay, and fiction on another pioneer farmstead in the next watershed over. His books include Wintergreen, Sky Time in Gray’s River, The Butterflies of Cascadia, and Mariposa Road. Krist and Bob both take daily inspiration from the rivers and hills they live among in the Lower Columbia region of southwest Washington.

Mixed and recorded by Jack Endino. Print by Thea Pyle

Notes From The Edge of the Known World by Robert Michael Pyle & Krist Novoselic is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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