Spelling Bee

Grays River Grange is proud to sponsor the Wakiakum County Fair Spelling Bee. Click the link below for contest rules, as well as sample lists of words you may be quizzed on!


Contest Rules

1) Prizes are $75 (1st),  $50 (2nd),  $25 (3rd)

Two Divisions for kids going into

1st Division (Lower): 3rd, 4th and 5th grades

2nd Division (Upper): 6th, 7th, and 8th grades

2) Words will be picked at random from a list that corresponds with the grade the participant is going into

3) There are NO take backs

ex. door- response, D.O.E, oh, I mean D.O.O.R does NOT count

4) Last two participants left on stage engage in a spell off

* If 1st person mis-spells, 2nd person has to spell correctly the same word. If they ALSO spell incorrect, move on to another word and give it to 1st person.

3rd Grade Possible Words

4th Grade Possible Words

5th Grade Possible Words

6th Grade Possible Words

7th Grade Possible Words

8th Grade Possible Words



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