Market for November 5th

Great Produce, Great Prices!

Great Produce, Great Prices!

2-6pm. Fresh, locally produced food for sale. At our historic Grange Hall – 11 S. Hull Creek Rd. Grays River 98621


Celery $2.00 piece
Beets $2.00 Bunch
Red Chard $2.00 Bunch
Green Chard $2.00 Bunch
Rainbow Chard $2.00 Bunch
Basil $2.00 Bunch
Fennel $2.50 ea
Curly Parsley $1.50 bunch
Italian Parsley $1.50 Bunch
Cilantro $1.75 Bunch
Strawberries $3.00 pint
Various Squash

(Supplies can be limited. Contact us or call 360-465-2268 to guarantee  your order.)

ALL LOCAL!!!!!!!

Check this site regularly for changes and additions.

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